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Whether you have an idea for software you want to sell as a product, or you need a customised software solution for your business, we can help. We offer expert software development services and have skilled programmers with experience creating a range of different software applications.

The customised software applications we develop include bespoke CRM solutions, process management applications, database tools, data management and analysis software, utility software, software to automate processes and tasks, and more.


Results Focussed – At Otsource NZ, we believe we are business analysts and business solution providers more than we are programmers. We can deliver your software based on your business needs & real world requirements. 

Over 12 years of experience: In 2011, we began with the purpose of turning good ideas into great results. With our proven growth formula, we have worked with over 1000 medium to large businesses in New Zealand, Australia and rest of the world. 

We are locals: New Zealand Registered company Active from 25th May  2011 – NZBN  9429031081009.
Australia Registered company Active from 13th December 2017
ABN 47 623 399 931 

Highly skilled team: Total team size of 78 highly skilled designers, developers, business analysits based in New Zealand, Australia & around the world.

Why trust Outsource NZ with your new Software Development Project:

Trusted by hundreds of Start-ups & corporates in
New Zealand & Australia

Our Software Development Process:

It’s an eight-step process that we customise and adapt according to your requirements. Here are the eight steps:

  • We’ll spend time learning about the software you want to develop, the features you want it to have, and your objectives. We’ll also get feedback from the eventual users of the software.
  • The above will result in the production of a specifications document and a requirements document.
  • Once we get your approval on the specification and requirements, we’ll start creating UI/UX designs & prototype
  • Using an agile software development technique, our programmers will then write the code.
  • We’ll then go into a testing and bug fixing phase.
  • Once we get approval on the completed software, we will implement it according to your requirements.
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