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HubSpot Marketing Automation

We know Hubspot automation & Digital marketing. You know your business & objectives. We can fully set up & Optimize hubspot marketing automation and can integrate it with different applications e.g., Asana, Xero, Mailchimp etc to streamline your marketing and business processes.

HubSpot Marketing Automation

Save time and resources – get better results

If your business is about capturing leads and then turning those leads into sales, you need HubSpot marketing automation. It will make your lead generation, marketing, and sales processes not only more efficient, but also more effective.

At Outsource NZ, we can fully set up and optimise HubSpot marketing automation, customising it for your business. Let’s look in a bit more detail at how HubSpot marketing automation and Outsource NZ can help your business.

We know HubSpot Automation and digital marketing. You know your business and objectives.

Together, let’s make it happen.

What is HubSpot Marketing Automation?

With HubSpot’s marketing automation tools, you can automate key marketing tasks in your business to improve consistency of message, to better identify key opportunities, and to free up your time from repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on improving sales and the overall performance of your business.

Marketing automation is not something that is unique to HubSpot, but HubSpot is widely regarded as providing the best range and quality of automation tools on the market. It is massively popular because it gets results.

What HubSpot Marketing Automation Can and Can’t Do?

While the above is true – HubSpot gets results – there are a lot of misconceptions about what HubSpot can and can’t do.

Crucially, HubSpot won’t do the marketing for you and it won’t close the sales. In other words, you can’t simply sign up for a HubSpot account, pay your monthly fee, and then watch the leads and sales roll in.

What can HubSpot do then? HubSpot provides you with tools to:

  • Improve your communication with prospective customers
  • Ensure that communication is consistent
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Distinguish between hot leads from those who may not be as interested
  • Create marketing content and material faster
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Provide you with better data and information for improved oversight

As you can see from the above, you’ll still need to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy for your business. With email marketing, for example, you’ll need to decide on the message, design the template emails, and configure HubSpot to send the emails to new leads at the best possible time.

Landing page creation is another example. HubSpot gives you all the tools required to create landing pages that look fantastic and that get results, but you still have to design the page.

This is where we can help at Outsource NZ. Our team are HubSpot experts and have extensive experience using HubSpot’s tools to improve the sales and marketing performance of businesses in a wide range of industries.

In other words, we are the final link in the chain between your business, your marketing goals, and the tools that HubSpot provides to help you achieve those goals.

Why Use HubSpot’s Tools?

One of the main benefits of using HubSpot’s tools is that you have everything in one place. Everything is integrated too, enabling you to create joined-up marketing campaigns.

HubSpot’s tools are also very powerful with all the features that most small and medium-sized businesses need.

When you put both of these things together, HubSpot is the ideal automated marketing software solution for your business.

What is Your Advice for Making HubSpot Marketing Work for My Business?

  • You need to start with marketing basics before you even start looking at HubSpot. This includes knowing your customers, defining your goals, deciding how you will measure success, and focusing on the long-term rather than only looking for quick hits.
  • Use email templates so you can save time while still sending personalised emails to your contacts.
  • Test everything from the effectiveness of your email templates to the results produced by landing pages to calls to action and more.
  • Analyse closely the buyer journey information that HubSpot gives as you can use it to better understand your customers and improve your marketing campaigns and strategy.
  • Don’t waste time trying things and making mistakes with HubSpot. We’ve been there and done it, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we know what to prioritise to get the results you want. You’ll get the best results when you contact us at Outsource NZ.

The things you can do with HubSpot marketing automation include:

  • Create landing pages that generate results
  • Automate email marketing campaigns
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead management
  • Create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns to convert leads into sales
  • Create and publish blogs that are optimised for search engines
  • Analytics that show results as well as giving you greater insight into your customers
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Create calls to action
  • Track return on investment from Google Ads campaigns and social media ads
  • Integrate with Salesforce