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Google AdWords management

At Outsource NZ, we are certified Google Partners & we offer a full Google AdWords management service from helping you define your objectives for the campaign to optimising the landing pages on your website to setting up and managing the campaign on the Google Ads platform

Google Ads management

Getting clicks to your website that convert

Google Ads is a platform that can bring new customers to your website – customers actively looking for the products and/or services that you offer. If you’ve used Google Ads before however, or if you have looked into it, you will know that it is complex. Our Google Ads management service at Outsource NZ is the solution you are looking for.

Our team has over 10 years’ experience running Google Ads campaigns, generating new business for our clients and helping them achieve their goals.

Plus, we offer a full Google Ads management service from helping you define your objectives for the campaign to optimising the landing pages on your website to setting up and managing the campaign on the Google Ads platform.

What about the results you can expect? At Outsource NZ, results are our main priority.

What Steps Will You Take to Improve My Google Ads Performance?

  • Fact-finding – the process starts with our Google Ads experts finding out about your business, the products/services you want to promote, and your customers.
  • Keywords research – we’ll then conduct detailed keyword research to identify the best keywords to target. These will be the keywords that have the greatest opportunity to maximise conversions rather than keywords that simply maximise clicks. Our focus is always on conversions.
  • Competitor research – Google Ads is a competitive market where you are bidding for position against your competitors. We will analyse this competition to make decisions on things like priority keywords, bid amount, ad copy wording, etc.
  • Target keyword list – we’ll then use the information from the above stage to compile an initial target keyword list.
  • Landing creation/optimisation – the landing page is an often-neglected part of Google Ads campaigns. In fact, many businesses simply use their website’s homepage. For the best results, however, landing pages need to be custom designed, highly targeted, and focused on conversions.
  • Ad campaign setup – our team will then set up the campaign to include target locations, bids, keywords, keyword match types, negative keywords, etc.
  • Ad copy drafting – this is the stage where we will write the text for your ads using our extensive knowledge of previous campaigns to create headings and text that generate interest. At this point, we will launch the campaign.
  • Split testing and optimisation – the business of optimisation now starts. We do this by analysing data from Google Ads, your Google Analytics account, and from our own systems. We’ll then implement optimisations, usually in the form of a split test where we run two versions simultaneously to see which works best. This is a continuous effort.
  • Ongoing management – we’ll also be highly responsive to your requests. If you want us to promote a sales event or a new product you have introduced, for example, we’ll make it happen.
  • Reports – we believe in full transparency at Outsource NZ so you will get monthly reports showing the performance of the campaign and the results that have been achieved. These reports will focus on the most important metrics in your business. This is usually conversions and cost per conversion.

What Are the Main Mistakes People Make When Running Google Ads Campaigns?

  • Targeting keywords that are too generic or that don’t have clear buying intent
  • Not creating custom landing pages
  • Running Google Ads campaigns that are too broad, i.e. that target too many
  • keywords or that target broad product or service categories rather than something more specific
  • Not understanding keyword match types
  • Not understanding how Google Ads bidding works
  • Setting up the campaign and then leaving it to run on autopilot
  • Not checking reports and analytics
  • Focusing on clicks when conversions are more important

How Do You Optimise Google Ads Campaigns?

Optimising Google Ads campaigns is a continuous effort. We use our extensive experience of past campaigns where we have seen what works and what doesn’t. This knowledge and experience are invaluable.

Our team is also highly skilled at analysing the real-time analytics that are produced by the Google platform as well as our own system. From this information, we can identify areas that are not working as well as they should be as well as those performing in-line or above expectations.

In terms of the practicalities of optimising your campaign, we use the information above to make improvements, but we don’t use an improve-and-replace approach. Instead, we split test the improvement with the current setup to see which works best. We also set up new split tests.

The option that delivers the best results becomes the norm and we start the cycle again.

Finally, we also monitor trends in the market.

What Budget Should I Use?

This depends on a range of factors including your business, competitors, and the products/services you want to promote. Once we know more about your business, our team will be able to recommend an initial budget that can then be scaled up or down when we have data from live campaigns. Get in touch today to find out more.

The Results You Can Expect

  • More clicks through to your website
  • High percentage of conversions
  • Targeting of certain sectors of the market
  • Minimal cost per click and cost per conversion
  • Continuous improvements over time