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Android Mobile Applications

We build apps for all platforms, including Android. In addition, we can handle the entire process from developing the concept to creating the designs to writing the code to getting the app published on the Google Play Store.

Android Mobile Application Development

High-quality native Android apps

Do you have an idea for a mobile app and want to make it available to the widest group of users? Do you want to create a mobile app for your existing business? With our Android mobile application development services, you’ll have an app that your customers and/or users will love.

We build apps for all platforms, including Android. In addition, we can handle the entire process from developing the concept to creating the designs to writing the code to getting the app published on the Google Play Store.

By outsourcing your Android mobile application development to us, you’ll get the app you need
for a price you are happy to pay. Get in touch to find out more.

Planning, building, testing, and promoting – how we’ll help make your Android app a success

  • Modern and customised app design and branding
  • Optimised for speed and performance
  • Optimised for the most commonly used Android devices
  • Developed to work on as wide a range of Android devices as possible
  • Focus on delivering an optimised user experience
  • Ensure the design is modern and professional
  • Also ensure the design appeals to your target audience
  • Follow all Android development best practice principles
  • Make the app easy to use
  • Optimise the app’s listing on the Google Play Store

Do You Develop a Bespoke Native App?

Yes, we develop fully customised native apps.

Why do we offer native app development? Tools that enable the development of apps for multiple platforms offer some benefits, including speeding up the initial development process. However, from our experience, the downsides greatly outweigh the benefits.

Those downsides include the restrictive nature of the development process which makes it difficult to create exactly what you want. Think of it like fitting a square peg in a round hole – it might fit, but it won’t be right.

Also, non-native apps can break more often and encounter more frequent performance issues. As a result, when you add up developer costs over time, including costs for the initial development and then for fixes and repairs, native apps almost always end up costing less than those developed using an alternative platform.

You’ll have fewer headaches to deal with too as there is only one thing worse than not having an Android mobile application in the Play Store – having one in the Play Store that is broken.

What about the bespoke element? All the apps we create are fully customised to ensure they are unique and to provide you with all the features and functionality that you need.

What Types of Android App Have You Developed in the Past?

At Outsource NZ, we have developed a wide range of Android mobile apps. This includes:

Health and
wellbeing apps

What Are Your Tips for Successful Android App Development?

  • Define your objectives for creating the app and how you will measure success
  • Understand your customers and think about why they will be interested in using your app
  • Look at similar apps to get ideas, find out what they do well, and identify things they could do better
  • Don’t go overboard with features and functions – just because it’s possible doesn’t mean you should do it
  • Ensure you get a native app
  • Make sure you get a customised design
  • Hire an Android app developer with experience and a track record
  • Optimise your listing on the Play Store
  • Promote your app using as many tools, platforms, and initiatives that you can

Process for Android Mobile Apps Development

  • Concept development with our experienced Android mobile app development team
  • Concept designs to make your new app attractive and appealing to users
  • Branding and graphic design work as required
  • Full coding of your app using best practices and techniques with a focus on user experience, functionality, and performance
  • Testing of your app in real-world conditions on multiple devices
  • Each stage of this process is collaborative where we will get feedback from you and will implement your revision requests
  • Once you are happy and have approved the completed app, we’ll publish it to the Google Play Store
  • We can also help you design and implement a strategy to promote your new app to the widest possible audience